Q: スピーキングテストのアドバイスをください


Q: 「スピーキングテストを受けます。アドバイスはありますか?また、以下のような質問に対してどのように答えれば良いのか実演していただけますか?」

“With the low birth rate, will Japanese society face a crisis in the future?”


A: まず、試験官は受験生に「正しい答え」を求めていないことを理解することが大事です。ここで重要なのは、英語をどのように使い、論理的に話を組み立てるか等のポイントです。





Hi everyone! Welcome to E-mail Picks. Today, I'd like to share something a little

different from usual. So last week, one of
our viewers - I'll call him Shyun - he

messaged me and asked if I could give
any tips on how to prepare for the

speaking part of an English proficiency
test. Now, the only English test I've

taken in my life is TOEFL. I remember it
was actually not an easy test. I took it

early in the morning and I was very
sleepy, but I had to wake myself up when

I saw the questions because they were
really difficult. And looking at Shyun's

message, it seems like he's also going to
take a very difficult test so I want to

help him. Now, this is the speaking test
question he gave me as an example. I'll

read this for you. With the low birth
rate, will Japanese society face a crisis

in the future? So Shyun wants me to give
advice on how to answer this kind of

question and also demonstrate an answer. So let me first give the advice.

There are two points that I'd like to talk
about. First of all, the testers do not

expect you to give the "correct answer."
They don't expect you to give any

innovative or brilliant idea in your
answers because is everyone who takes

an English test and expert in social
issues? Does everyone know very well

about birth rates? No. So you can only
answer using your own knowledge that you

have right now. So your ideas can be
terribly wrong, but that's OK.

So don't be afraid to express your own
opinions. That's my first point. Now let

me talk about my second point. Of course
it will help if you can use English

vocabulary and grammar very well and
speak naturally and fluently, but these

are things that take time to improve,
right? If you want to improve your

English in these areas you need to read
and listen to a variety of things in

English and you need to
speak with a variety of people in

English very often, and for a long time.
But there is one thing you can

immediately do to improve your answers.
You can give an easy-to-follow talk by

speaking in this order. Let me go over
this for you.

So first, give your main point. Make your
main point very clear. Second, support

your main point with examples or details.
And third, give a conclusion. But most

English tests have a time limit to your
answers, right? So many times, you may not

be able to reach your conclusion in time,
but that's OK as long as you give a

clear logical flow and it sounds like
your speech will have a nice ending at

the end, if you had more time. So now let
me demonstrate my answer using this

speaking style, OK?
So this is the question again: "With the

low birth rate, will Japanese society
reach a crisis in the future? So here's

my answer, under 60 seconds.
Well Japanese society face the crisis in

the future? I think no. Earthquakes and
tsunamis cause major destruction

overnight, but the low birth rate
causes gradual destruction. Human beings

cannot do anything about natural
disasters but we can always adapt to

gradual changes. Us humans are foolish
enough to allow gradual destructions

such as global warming and the low birth
rate to occur, but we are not foolish

enough to just sit there and do nothing
about them. Yes, Japan will be full of

elderly people in the future. However, we
can use technology and other means to

adapt to this gradual change. And we don't have to do everything all by ourselves.

We have the whole world to cooperate
with. So ,we will not face a crisis in the

future, as long as we continue to face
the crisis now. So Shyun, I hope that gives

you an idea of how you want to approach
your English test.

And, this is E-mail Picks, so let me summarize my point in a short email.