“R&R”の意味と使い方 Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 203

R&R ってどういう意味?

R&R は、Rest and Relaxation や、 Rest and Recreationなどの略で、「休養」を意味するスラングです。



R&R ってどういう場面で使うの?


Justin: Now that you’ve finished the big project, what’s next?
You: I think I need some R&R!

Justin: 大きなプロジェクトが終わりましたね。次はどうなさるんですか?
You: とりあえずゆっくり休みたいですね!


R&R の自然な使い方を動画で学ぶ

こちらの動画で、発音や、会話の中での自然な使い方を、Bizmatesのプレゼンター Justinが解説します。


Hello everyone and welcome to this
week's Bizmates for Beginners video

lesson. Today everyone we are going to
take a look at the expression R&R. So

let's find out what it means and how to
use it in our lesson this week everyone,

but first as always let's do a quick
review of last week's lesson. Okay

everyone, so imagine I say:
How are things going with Ken's project?

And things are improving,

things are getting better. So
what do you say? Do you remember the

expression from last week? I'll give you
five seconds, OK everyone you ready?

Alright go.

Alright and time is up, if
you said "yes he's working hard, so it's

looking up" then that's exactly right
good job and thank you for remembering

last week's class.
OK everyone moving on to "R&R" this

is what I sometimes hear, alright so Taro
and Ken, they finished their project so I

say: Now that you've finished the big
project, what's next?

What are you going to do? And Taro, he
says: Yeah, I think I need some relaxation

time. Yes, I understand you worked really
hard, Ken worked really hard as well so you

definitely need time to relax. But,
although this expression is fine, we can

use something a little bit more
interesting and that is... yes exactly

right. We can say: I think I need some R&R. So "R&R" stands for rest and

So after you work really hard to finish

a task or if you're really tired, you
need a lot of rest and you need a lot of

relaxation. So you need some R&R, OK everyone?

Alright, now pronunciation is just as

you see it written here R and R, but when
you say it very quickly the end becomes

more like an N sound so it's R an' R. R an' R, okay?
So please repeat after me

R&R. You turn.

Alright very good. Yes R&R. OK now after my question:

So now that you've finished the big project, what's next?

Alright very good, yes that's

right you definitely deserve some rest
and relaxation; you definitely deserve

some R&R. OK so moving on to our bonus
question this week, which is another way

to say: "it is bad luck." If you know what
the answer is leave it in the comments

below everyone, if you want to know what
the answer is you can find it in one of

our previous Bizmates for Beginners
video lessons. OK everyone, so that is

it for me this week, thank you so much
for watching. As always, have a great

weekend, get some good R&R and I'll see
you next time. Thank you.