“Cutting edge”の意味と使い方 Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 210

Cutting edge ってどういう意味?

“Cutting edge”は「最先端」という意味で、技術やファッションなどにおいて最も先進的である、と言いたい時に使います。


Cutting edge ってどういう場面で使うの?


Justin: Did you see our new product?
You: Yes! It is very cutting edge!

Justin: 我が社の商品をご覧になりましたか?
You: はい、まさに最先端ですね!


Cutting edge の自然な使い方を動画で学ぶ

こちらの動画で、発音や、会話の中での自然な使い方を、Bizmatesのプレゼンター Justinが解説します。


Hello everyone. Justin here and welcome
to this week's Bizmates for Beginners

video lesson. We are on video
lesson #210 everyone. Thank you always for

watching our videos and for supporting
our channel. OK everyone so this week

we are going to cover the expression
"cutting edge." So let's find out how to

use it and what it means, but first let's
do a quick review, everyone, of last

week's expression.
Alright so imagine I say: The boss is in

a bad mood recently. He's always getting
angry, you know he explodes very quickly.

So how do you say that in a more natural
expression? I'll give you five seconds

okay? Are you ready? OK go.

And time is up. If you said

"yes, he is short with everyone"
then that's exactly right. Good job and

thank you for remembering the expression.
OK everyone so moving on to

"cutting edge."
Now this is what I sometimes hear...

Alright, so I'm talking with Taro and I say:
Hey, Taro!

Did you see our new product?
It's really great, right? It's fantastic. And

Taro, he says:
Oh yes, it's very high technology.

OK so yes I understand what

Taro wants to say here. The technology
is really advanced, the technology is

really fantastic and great, it's very new...
but instead of saying this we can use

something a little bit more natural
which is... that's right

Yes! It's very cutting edge.

So whenever something is
the most advanced, okay, it uses the

newest technology, the best technology --
it is "cutting edge" all right everyone?

OK now, for pronunciation. "Cutting"
you'll notice that there's two T's here

so, whenever we say this very quickly,
especially in Canada, North America

where I'm from, this
sounds like a D or it's drops. So instead

of cutting, it's "cudding". Cutting edge.
OK, so it's a lot softer. So please

repeat after me okay?
Cutting edge. Your turn.

Alright excellent! OK now after my question:
Did you see our new product?

OK very good.
Yes! It's very cutting edge.

OK so please remember this for next time.

OK everyone, our bonus question this week is
another way to say: "fit for you."

If you know what the answer is, leave it in the
comments below, I'll be happy to respond.

If you don't know what the answer is,
well you can find it in one of our

previous videos, so feel free to take a
look and see if you can find it if

you've got the time. Alright everyone so
that is it for video lesson #210.

Thank you always for watching, enjoy your
weekend and I'll see you next time.

Thank you.