“Over my head”の意味と使い方 Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 216

Over my head ってどういう意味?

Over my head は、何かが難しすぎて理解できない状態を表す表現です。日本語で言う「チンプンカンプン」に近いニュアンスです。


Over my head ってどういう場面で使うの?


Justin: Do you understand the new process?
You: No, it’s over my head.

Justin: 新しい業務プロセス、理解できました?
You: いいえ、チンプンカンプンです。


Over my headの自然な使い方を動画で学ぶ

こちらの動画で、発音や、会話の中での自然な使い方を、Bizmatesのプレゼンター Justinが解説します。


Hello everyone and welcome to this
week's Bizmates for Beginners!

OK everyone, today our expression is
"over my head." So let's find out what this

means and how to use it in our video
lesson today everyone, but first as

always, let's start with a quick review
of last week's class. Alright so

everyone, imagine I say:
Our competitors are really strong.

And you agree. So what

should we do?
I'll give you five seconds to think

about the answer, okay. Are you ready?
Alright, you have 5 seconds and go!

OK, everyone time is up. If you said we need
to "beef up" our strategy, we need to

improve or make this more efficient or
better, then that's exactly right.

Good job and thanks for remembering last
week's expression. OK everyone let's

move on to "over my head." Now this is what
I sometimes hear -- alright so I'm talking

to Taro, my colleague, and I ask Taro:
Do you understand the new process?

So, the way we are doing things in our office
is going to change.

So I'm asking Taro if he's okay, if he
can understand the changes. And he says:

No, it's very confusing. OK that's good,
that's fine. "Confusing" is a word that we

use all the time, but you might hear
something a little bit different.

You might hear someone say:
No, it's "over my head"

which means the same thing. If it's

difficult to understand, if it's
confusing, it's "over your head" okay?

So this new system, this new process is very
difficult to understand.

I'm very confused.
It's over my head. Okay everyone? Alright

so pronunciation, it's nothing special
this week.

So look at this and you can just repeat it
after me okay?

So "No, it's over my head."
Your turn.

Alright, good. Okay now after my question:

Do you understand the new process?

OK, good.
So whenever you are confused, you have no

idea, you totally can't understand, it's
"over your head" okay? Okay and our bonus

question this week everyone, is another
way to say: "I know him." So if you know the

answer to our bonus question, please
leave it in the comments below. If you

don't, well you can find it in one of our
previous videos somewhere so take a look

if you've got the time. And that is it
for me this week everyone, thank you so

much for watching. Have a great weekend,
see you next time. Thank you.