Tip 129 ”rings a bell” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第129弾は、”rings a bell” です。


“Do you know the movie, The Untouchables?”「アンタッチャブルっていう映画知ってる?」と聞きました。

“Maybe I’ve heard it.”「たぶん聞いた。」
こちらは文法的にも誤りがあり、”I’ve heard of it.” が正解です。
また”I’ve heard of it.”より、伝わる自然な表現があります。

“It rings a bell.”「聞いたことある。」
“The name rings a bell.”でも大丈夫です。


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates
words and phrases

video series. And today's idiom

is rings a bell. Ding-a-ling-a-ling.

What does this mean? We will find out but
let's do

our test. So I'm going to say,

I want you to come to my event, some
sort of

event. And I say, are you absolutely sure
you can come?

Are you sure you can come? And you say,

not I will go 100 percent. But

that's right. I'll be there rain or

Did you get that? I hope so. Okay let's go
onto today's idiom,

Rings a bell. Okay so let's imagine Taro
and I are colleagues again.

And we're just making small talk and I
say Taro,

do you know the movie the untouchables?
It's my favorite movie.

Do you know this movie? The untouchables? And he thinks

and he says, yeah maybe I heard it.


OK maybe you've heard it. Okay.

It's grammatically incorrect.

If he were to say well maybe I've
heard of it,

is acceptable. It's okay, but a more
natural way to say,

oh yeah, yeah, yeah. The name, the name sounds really familiar.

If you wanna say that, then you could say

So I say do you know the movie,
The Untouchables? It's my favorite movie.

Do you know? And he says,hmmm

it rings a bell, just like that.

It rings a bell. Okay so

let's look at pronunciation .

Rings a. Rings a bell. It rings a bell.

You try. Good okay with my

question. Do you know the movie,
The Untouchables?

Perfect just like that.

Yeah you know and you could change it to, yeah the name rings a bell

is OK to. It rings a bell. Okay I

yeah I I've heard it before. It

it sounds familiar, like this. Okay so
next time

I'm going to ask you. I'm gonna say, hey
do you know the movie, The Untouchables?

And you say, not maybe I've heard it.

But yeah it rings a bell.

Okay so please remember this. And we'll
see you in the next lesson.

Thank you.