Tip 14 ”You’ve just read my mind.” 無料英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第14弾は、”You’ve just read my mind.” です。

「シンガポールオフィスに連絡してみてはどう?」 と提案してきた際、
“I have the same idea.” と言ってしまいがちですよね。


こんなときには、”You’ve just read my mind.” と言いましょう。


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's phrase is
You've just read my mind

It's not read my mind. It's read my mind.

Okay, well let's learn how to use this.

But first, let's do our little test.
So last time I asked you,

What do you keep your boss posted on?

It's like update him on.

On budgets?

On projects?

And remember it's good to end the conversation.
Okay, I'll keep you posted. Okay.

All right.

Let's go on to today's phrase.
You've just read my mind. This is a great one.

It's a great one,
That's gonna make you look like you're a creative person.

Like you've got great ideas.

So imagine, we're in a meeting.
We're in a meeting, you're boss is there.

I'm there. Hika, Taro's there.

And I say: I came with up with this great idea.

Hey, why don't we contact our Singapore office?

And everyone thinks it's a great idea.

And Taro says: Yeah, yeah, yes. I have the same idea.

Because Taro is thinking the same thing.

But this sounds like Taro is saying ...

No, no. It's my idea, not Hika's idea.
I, I have the same idea.

So it doesn't feel...
It feels like we are fighting almost.

Okay, and it's not good.
You don't want to say this in a meeting. Okay?

What you should say is this.

I say, Hey why don't we contact Singapore office?

You could say: You've just made my mind.

Then, it sounds like...

Yeah, Hika. I agree with you.

And it almost makes Taro sound like the creator of the idea.

He was the one who created it.
And I just read his mind.

So it makes Taro look good. Okay?
So next time in a meeting, you could use this.

Now, let's look at pronunciation.

Just the way it's written.
You've just read my mind.

You've just read my mind.
You want to try?

You've just read my mind.

Okay. So...

And oh, sorry. The "T" , it's not just.
It's actually a soft "T" there, it's almost a silent "T".

You've jus...

You've jus read my mind.
You've jus read my mind. You try.

And also no "d", the "d" is min.

You've jus read my min.

Okay, for homework.

I'm gonna suggest some idea why don't we...

And you're gonna say,
You've just read my mind.

To sound smart.

Okay, so please practice this.
And we'll see you next time. Thank you.