Tip 21 ”expressive” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第21弾は、”expressive” です。

相手に対して 「話すのがうまいですね。」 と褒めてあげたいときに、どういった表現を使いますか?

“You are very good at talking.”
これだと、相手に対して 「ちょっと話し過ぎ」 と言っているような意味合いの印象を与えてしまうんですね。

こんなときには、 “You’re very expressive.” を使ってください。


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's word is expressive.

It's a it's a pretty simple word.

You know it comes from express.
To express yourself.

But very few of my students use this.

Okay, so I'll explain how we use this.

But first let's do our test.

Tell me about a time when you did exceptional work.

Not very good work; this is exceptional work.

Okay, all right. So it's great work right?

So today's phrase is expressive.

And uh... Here's what I often hear.

Like, Taro, you know I'm talking.
And Taro says, wow Hika you're such a great speaker.

You are very good at talking.

And I know he's trying to be nice.
He's saying, Hika, you're a good speaker.

But it sounds like, Hika you talk too much.

This is what it sounds like, Hika you are very good at talking.

So be quiet. It's what it sounds like.

But Taro really wants to say,

You know, Hika you are a good speaker.

So what he should say is this,

You know, Hika you're very expressive.

Oh well thank you. Now I feel very good.

Oh well thank you.

Okay, so expressive.

Don't tell someone, Yeah, you are a very good talker.

Or you're very good at talking.

You don't want that.
Say you're very expressive; it's a good quality.

Okay, so pronunciation, it's simple.
It's just you're very expressive. Expressive.

Try it. You're very expressive.

Okay, and good. All right..

So for homework today, very simple.

Tell me someone who is expressive.

Your friend? Your boss?

Okay, tell me; I want to know.

Okay see you next time. Thank you.