Tip 22 ”down-to-earth” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第22弾は、”down-to-earth” です。


“He is so down-to earth.” と言うのがいいのですね。

“He is a very normal person.” はダメですよ!


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's word is "down-to-earth".

Isn't it a nice word?


And it sounds like a.. comes like a,
in a science-fiction movie or something you'd hear.


But it has a really simple meaning.

Okay, which we will learn today.

But first, let's do our usual test.

Tell me someone who is expressive.

Not good at talking; we don't want to say that.


Who expresses themselves very well.

Who? Your colleague?
Your boss? Your president?

Your brother? Your father?

Okay, all right.

So today's word is down to earth.

And what it means, let's look at what it means first.

Really simple.

Imagine again, We have Taro,
He's got a new colleague in his department.

And I say, So Taro,
Are you getting along with your new colleague?

And you know, is he a nice guy?
Is he ok?

And he says,

Yes he's a very normal person.

You know he's not…

He's not materialistic. He's not flashy.
He's very kind of an average type of guy.

Very practical, sensible guy.
It's what he wants to say.

But normal person.

It it sounds boring for one.
So he's a boring guy is what you're saying?

So it's a really negative word to describe someone.
He's normal.

So what you can say is.

You can say this.

So are you getting along with your new colleague?
Is he a nice guy?

Yes, he's so down to earth.

He's very practical and sensible.

He's not eccentric.

He's not really, you know unique and different.

So it's like he's normal, but in a good way.
Not a boring way.

He's so, he's so down to earth.

Okay, so let's look at pronunciation.
It's not down-to-earth.

But it's yes, with a pause.

He's so…

He's so…

Down-ta earth. Down-ta-earth.

Okay, want to try that one more time, everyone?

Yes, he's so down-ta-earth.

So it's not to earth.
It's ta, ta earth.

So let's try it with a question.

Are you getting along with your new colleague?

Perfect, OK.

So for homework,

I want you to tell me someone
who is down-to-earth. OK?

Not someone who's you know,

wild and anything.

Someone who's normal, but don't say normal.
It's a negative word. Someone who is down-to-earth.

You tell me next time.

Okay, thank you.