Tip 23 ”By all means” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第23弾は、”By all means” です。


“Can I borrow your pen?”
“Can I call you Taro?”
“Can I sit here?”

「もちろん!」と快諾する際は “By all means.” と言いましょう。
“Yes, please.” はやめましょうね。

ただ、”Can I borrow 1,000 yen?”


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's phrase is "By all means".

Maybe, you've heard of it. It's pretty common.

A lot of native speakers use this, by all means.
Okay, we'll learn it today.

But first let's do our usual test.

Tell me someone who is down-to-earth. down-to-earth.

Your Brother? Your Father?

Your boss? Your president? Your colleague?
Who's down-to-earth?

Normal, don't say normal. It's not a good word.
No, he's down-to-earth.

Okay, so let's go on to today's phrase.
By all means. What does it mean?

It just means sure go ahead.

Go for it, you do it. Go, go.
That all.

So you can use it anytime.
So if I say. Taro, can I borrow your pen?

You could say, yes please, is what I often hear.
Yes please.

But yes please, it's like what?

I lend you my pen?
No I want to borrow your…?

Yes please is like… you know.

It's really confusing. We don't, you don't say yes please.
We could say yes go ahead. Or yes sure, but not yes please.

So what you should say is this.

Hey, can I borrow your pen?

By all means.

Very natural, there's no confusion here.
It means go ahead by all means.

Okay so you can use it in so many different places.
Yeah go ahead, go ahead.

Right by all means, by all means.
Can I call you Hika? Yeah, by all means.

Can I sit here? Yeah, by all means.
Can I borrow this chair? Yeah, by all means.

Can I borrow a thousand yen?
No way.

But anyway, so by all means.
Let's remember this.

And the pronunciation.

We're gonna put "by" and "all" together.
Byall, byall means. Byall means. You try.

Can I borrow your pen?


Can I borrow this chair?

Can I borrow a thousand yen?

Uh... OK maybe not uh... OK.
So for homework,

I want you... I'm gonna ask you okay can I borrow something?
Or can I do something?

And I want you to say, by all means.
I want you to practice this phrase, by all means.

Okay, so we'll see you next time.
Thank you.