Tip 28 ”an informed decision” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第28弾は、”an informed decision” です。




“I need more data to make a good choice.”

そんなときは、“an informed decision” = 「十分な情報があった上での意思決定」 といった意味のワードをつかって、

“I need more data to make an informed decision.”


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's phrase is, "an informed decision".

Now maybe you know inform, information.
You know decision, when you put them together.

What does it mean?
Well we will find out.

But first, let's do our usual test.

Okay and we learned just the other day.

So what did you do just the other day?

Anything special?

Did you read a good book just the other day?

In the newspaper just the other day,
you read something?

All right.

So know, today's phrase, an informed decision.

What a great phrase, so natural.

And here's what I often hear first.
So if I say, Taro,

here are the marking figures you requested or you ask for.
Here you are the marking figures.

And Taro looks at it, he's my boss.

He says, Hika,
I need more data to make a good choice.


It makes sense right.
He needs more information to make a good choice.

But it just doesn't sound natural.

It's not smooth at all. OK.
To make it sound smooth,

you could say this.

So if I say Hey Taro,
here are the marketing figures you asked for.

And he says,

I need more data to make an informed decision.

Woah, and I'm like woah.
OK, I will get you more information right now.

And then...

That's right.
I need more data to make an informed decision.

Doesn't that sound nice?
Informed decision.

It's a really natural expression.
Let's try it.

OK. So I need more data, it's not to, its ta.
I need more data ta make a...

So it's ta...


makaninformed... makaninformed decision.

I need more data ta makaninformed decision.

OK, let's try it with the sentence.

Here are the marketing figures you asked for.

Yes sir, I will get them for you.

OK, just like that.

OK, so for homework.

Sorry, so it's not informed. It's inform...
The "d" is silent because we have two "d's.

But you already know that.

OK, so for homework,

when did you make an informed decision?

A decision with lots of information.

OK, so you did all the research.
You have all this information and you made a decision.

When did you do that? You tell me.
When you bought a car...

When you bought a house...

When you bought an expensive suit...

OK,we'll see you next time.
Thank you.