Tip 30 ”But is it scalable?” 無料ビジネス英語学習

無料ビジネス英語学習 Words & Phrases 第30弾は、”But is it scalable?” です。

“scalable” という単語をつかったことはありますか?


“scalable” なアイデアでないといけません。

“But is it scalable?”


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates words and phrases
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's question is "But is it scalable?"

Wow, this one's useful. This one you can use, OK,
in many situations.

But first, let's do our test.

So I'm gonna say, OK, I think our report is ready.
Let's give it to the president.

OK, did you get that?

It's with all due respect,
I think you're missing some key points.

Something negative right?
With all due respect.

OK, good, good.
OK so, let's go on to today's question.

But is it scalable? Scalable.
Scalable means can we expand it?

You know, can we spread it?
Is it or is it just you can't change it.

Can you make it bigger?
Let me show you. Let me show you.

Imagine we are in a meeting,
and I come up with this great idea.

You know, I have this great idea for a new product.
I think we should make this.

And Taro wants. Taro's my boss.
He wants to make sure this is a realistic idea.

And he asks,
But can you spread to allover the company?

Which is what? Can you spread it allover?
OK, I think I understand what he means.

Because this product,
it can't be just for this branch or for this store.

You know, Taro is thinking much wider in scope.

So he's saying,
Can we spread it throughout all over the company?

OK, but if it sounds really unnatural.
Can you spread to all over the. It's all over the place.

So what you should say is this,
You know, I have this great idea for a new product.

We should do this and this and this.
And Taro says, OK Hika, but is it scalable?

Oh, I never thought of that. Uhm, yes I think so.
Then it's a good idea.

OK, so can we spread it?
Is it a product or is it an idea that can be expanded?

Is it scalable?
Great business question. OK?

So let's practice the pronunciation.

Very simple, But is it?
Butisit, butisit scalable?

Butisit, butisit scalable?
OK, you try.

OK, so let's try it with my... in the conversation.
Yeah, I have this great idea for a new product.

OK, very good. So practice this at home.
And for homework, next time I'm going to say.

I have this great idea for a new product.
And you say, but is it scalable?

OK I want you to try this. OK, thank you.
We'll see you next time.