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Hi there! My name is Vin. What can I help you with? Basic grammar and vocabulary? Travel phrases for business? Or advanced communication skills for that dreaded presentation that can make or break your career? Whatever it is, one thing is crucial to your success. And it's not grammar. It's guts. The greatest barrier that keeps you from gaining fluency is fear. I know this because I'm a non-native English speaker like you. We're afraid to make mistakes, to be criticized. Only when we feel safe, when it's okay to try things out, can we focus 100 percent and allow real learning to occur.

What causes this fear? Well, we take it for granted that English is someone else's language, so we're afraid to take it. But no one can really own a language because all languages are a mishmash of everyone else's. Therefore, you can own English and be a genuine English speaker. You just have to have the courage to claim it as yours.

Remember, language and culture are inseparable. Once you take ownership of English, you will assimilate its character and emotions and be incredibly confident in its use, and your English would move, as bestselling author Jim Collins puts it, from good to great. Welcome to Bizmates!