Question 16 ”How can I keep up in English meetings?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第16弾は、
“How can I keep up in English meetings?” です。


Hika は動画の中で次のように言っています。








Hika は動画の中で、4つのサンプルをあげて説明しています。

Hello and welcome to this Bizmates question and answer
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's question is a business-focused question
which is how can I keep up in English meetings?

Or teleconferences.
I have English meetings. I can only understand 50%.

I can only understand 60%. OK.
Let's look at this.

Well, one important question
that I want to ask is do they know,

they meaning the other participants in the meeting,
the other attendees in the meeting.

Do they know your English level? Do they know
how well you can understand and speak English?

It's a very important question
because many students will say, "Yeah Hika,

my English isn't good enough to
keep up in meetings in English."

And if a beginner tells me this, maybe it's true.
OK yes, you need to work on your basics.

You need to improve your skills, but many
of my students who say this are not beginners.

They're intermediate level
and even advanced level students will say this. Yeah.

So I don't think that's true.
I don't think it's your English is the problem.

I think it's your responsibility to tell the other
participants your English level.

Because it's yes, partly your responsibility
to improve your English,

but it's also the other people in the meeting.
Their responsibility to speak in a way that they can...

that you can understand,
that everyone can understand.

OK, so it's both sides, but it's your responsibility
to tell them this is my English level.

OK, because they don't know if you're just saying,
Uhm, uhm, yes, yes. You have to tell them, OK.

How, how do you tell them?
Well, if you don't understand you say,

Hey just a minute, Sam. I can't keep up.
Nothing is wrong with that.

If you can't keep up, if you can't understand,
tell them. Just a minute, Sam. I can't keep up.

I have no idea what you just said.
I don't understand.

OK, please try not to use difficult words.
OK, you need to speak more slowly.

Tell them. The English that you're speaking now
is too difficult for me.

And they will little by little know your level.
And of course they will speak at a slower pace.

They'll use easier words.
And you can communicate more easily with them.

And you'll have a better connection.

OK, so I hope you can use some of
these phrases in your next meeting.

OK, I'll see you in the next lesson.
Thank you.