Question 8 ”Should I watch movies and listen to music in English?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第8弾は、
“Should I watch movies and listen to music in English?” です。

Q. 英語で映画を見たり音楽を聞くことは英語学習にとってよいことか?

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Hello and welcome to this Bizmates
question and answer video series.

And today's question is
Should I watch movies and listen to music in English?

It's a great question because a lot of trainers,
a lot of teachers will recommend it.

Yeah, you should watch movies. You should listen to music.
Is this good advice? OK. We will see. OK.

Now, what's important, before I answer that question.

What's really important is what do you want to learn? OK.

You have English. You want to learn English
for a specific purpose. OK.

If it's to talk about movies,
maybe you should watch some movies.

If it's to talk about music to understand music,
maybe it's good to listen to music.

But here's something that I often hear.

You will learn so many phrases and
idioms from movies and songs. Hmm.

But the thing is it's not always true.

Yes, there are many idioms. Yes, there are many
phrases in songs and movies.

But because it's such a high level. OK.
For the average student who is a beginner

or even intermediate level,
it's really hard to understand

what's been said in a song or
what's been said in a movie.

Maybe if you have the transcript and the lyrics,
you could kind of figure it out but even then it's difficult.

I've lived in Japan for 16 years and
I find it difficult to understand some Japanese songs or movies.

So my advice is a little bit different.

I'm not saying don't watch movies.
No please watch movies. Please listen, listen to English music.

But make English a part of your life. OK.
Don't watch movies to study English.

Don't listen to music English music to study English. No...

Listen to English music because you like it.

Watch English movies because you enjoy it.
Make it a part of your life.

And in the long term. Yes.
You will become to enjoy English more.

You'll learn more. And your English will improve.

But if you do it for the purpose of learning
phrases and idioms, it's... I don't think it's the best way.

OK. So, make English a part of your life. How?

Well, you know, read an English newspaper.
If a newspaper is too difficult,

that's OK. There are bilingual newspapers. OK.
In Japan. OK.

You could listen to English music. That's fine.

Watch English TV programs. That's fine.

Search for information on the Internet.
This is all great.

But like I said, don't do it for the purpose of
studying English. OK.

Make it a part of your life. OK.
And that's my advice.

So I hope I kind of answered your question about
whether movies and music, you know, are good ways to study English.

OK. so please ask me another question soon.
And we'll talk to you soon. Thank you.