“From scratch”の意味と使い方 Bizmates初級ビジネス英会話 Point 217

From scratch ってどういう意味?

From scratch は、「ゼロから」「一から」「何もないところから」といった意味になります。語源は、徒競走のために地面に描くスタートラインを示す線のことを指していたと言われています。

よく、”start from scratch” や “made from scratch” といった風に使われます。


From scratch ってどういう場面で使うの?


Justin: Did the boss like our proposal?
You: No, we have to start from scratch.

Justin: 上司は企画を気に入りましたか?
You: いいえ、また一から練り直しです。


From scratch の自然な使い方を動画で学ぶ

こちらの動画で、発音や、会話の中での自然な使い方を、Bizmatesのプレゼンター Justinが解説します。


Hello everyone, Justin here and I am back
again this week with another Bizmates

for Beginners video lesson.
OK, everyone today we are going to

learn the expression "from scratch." So
stay tuned to find out what it means and

how to use it, but first do you remember
last week's expression? I hope so because

we are going to do a quick review.
Alright everyone, so imagine I ask you:

Do you understand the new process?
Unfortunately, you have no idea, it's very

difficult to understand and you're not
sure what to do with the new process.

So, I'm going to give you five seconds to
think about how to respond using last

week's expression, okay? You ready?
Alright, go!

OK, and time is up. If you said

"No, it's over my head" then that's
exactly right. Good job and thank you for

remembering last week's expression.
Alright so moving on to "from scratch."

Now this is what I sometimes hear -- alright so
I'm working with my close friend and

colleague, Taro and we had a really great
idea so we put together a proposal for

our boss. So just the other day, Taro
presented our idea to the boss, so I'm

asking him how things are going so I say:
Taro, did the boss like our proposal?

And Taro says: No, we have to start from zero.
OK, that's too bad because we worked so

hard on that proposal, right? Alright so
the expression "start from zero," this is

something that I've heard used a bit
here in Japan, but let's try something a

little bit more natural. So we would say:
No, we have to start from scratch.

So whenever you have to
do something again from the very

beginning, you need to do it "from scratch."
You need to start from scratch, start

from the very beginning and do it all
over again, okay everyone? So start from

scratch. Alright so the pronunciation,
there's nothing special here so please

repeat after me, okay everyone? So...
No, we have to start from scratch.

Your turn.

Alright, good. OK now after my
question: Did the boss like our proposal?

That's right. No, we have to start from
scratch. Alright, so please

remember to use this in your daily
conversation and remember this for our

review next week.
OK everyone our bonus question is

another way to say: "Thank you for your
message." If you know what the answer is

you can leave it in the comments below.
If you don't know the answer, it is in

one of our previous Bizmates for
Beginners video lessons, so if you have

time please check it out. Alright
everyone, so that is it for me this week.

Thank you so much for watching
and have a great weekend.