Point 59 ”most likely” 初級ビジネス英会話

初級者向けビジネス英会話 Bizmates for beginners 第59弾は、”most likely” です。


ヒカは同僚のタロウに”Is it going to rain this weekend?”「今週末って雨降る?」と聞きました。

“Yes, it is a high possibility.”「高い確率です。」

“Most likely.”「そうみたいだよ。」


Hello and welcome to this Bizmates for beginners
video series. And today's phrase is most likely.

Oh, a very useful phrase. What does this mean?
But first, let's look at our test.

OK. Do you remember last time? OK, we are colleagues

and I'm looking for Yoshi-san who is another colleague. And I say to you, have you seen Yoshi-san?

And you say, that's right. Yes, I ran into him in the lobby. OK, did you get that?

I ran into him in the lobby. I met with him by accident. OK, all right.

Let's go on to today's phrase, most likely. Here's what I often hear. So imagine Taro and I are colleagues,

and I say Taro is it going to rain this weekend? Is it going to rain? What do you think?

And he says, Ah yes, it is high possibility. OK, OK, I understand. Maybe there's an 80% chance it will rain.

High possibility. But it is a little bit unnatural. High possibility. It is high possibility. There's a high possibility.

Maybe we can say that. But it sounds quite
formal. This is a very informal conversation, right?

It's about the weather. So a more natural style is like this. So Taro, is it going to

rain this weekend? And he says, most likely.
Oh very natural. Most likely. That's all.

Yeah. lt means yeah I think so. Maybe 80%
chance or 90% chance. Very useful.

OK so let's look at pronunciation. It's just most likely.
Simple. Most likely. You try. One more time.

Most likely. OK, all right. For homework. Next
time I see you, I'm going to ask you,

is it going to rain this weekend? And you say, most
likely. That's right. OK please practice this

and we'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you.