Question 4 ”How do I control my nerves before a presentation?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第4弾は、
“How do I control my nerves before a presentation?” です。



米国でとても有名なTV司会者 Johnny Carson ですら、

つまり最もよい方法は “準備すること” なのです。」



Hello and welcome to this Bizmates
question and answer video series.

And today's question is
How do I control my nerves before a presentation?

OK. I get really nervous how do I control it.
Great question.

If you make a lot of presentations in English,

I'm sure you've felt nervous before.
OK. so let's answer this question.

But first let's look at what causes nerves.
Why do we get nervous?

Because some people maybe believe this.
Great presenters don't get nervous. Right?

I disagree. I think everyone, I don't know maybe there's
a superman somewhere out there that doesn't get nervous.

But I think everyone gets nervous.
There's this great talk show host, Johnny Carson.

I don't know have you heard of him?
Really famous in the US.

He was a talk show host for like 30 years.
He passed away a few years ago.

But he was the most natural public speaker
you could imagine, an excellent presenter.

He was so fluent, so natural, so smooth.

But before his T.V. show, he's like さんま
kind of like さんまin Japan. But before his T.V. program,

a few minutes before, he would always feel
really nervous, really sick.

And he would throw up because
he was so nervous before every TV show.

So you know maybe you could feel a little bit more relaxed now.
So everyone gets nervous.

And they get nervous because of
the fear of the unknown.

They don't know what to expect. They don't know what will happen.
Something bad might happen.

Well the best way to get over this is to prepare.
Yes prepare OK, and how do I prepare?

Well I thought I could share some of my tips
because I get nervous too doing these video lessons.

This is like a live performance. There are no re-takes.
There's no editing OK. Trust me. It's too expensive to do all that.

Yes so I feel a lot of.. I get very nervous.

And that's why I touch my nose and I scratch my head.
And sometimes I don't know where to put my arms.

So if you see me scratching my nose and scratching my head,
you know I'm nervous.

Yeah but what do I do to prepare? Well, I think maybe,
the audience won't like my presentation.

Well you need to know the audience. Who is going to be watching
your presentation? What do they want to know?

And maybe I'll forget what to say.
Well know your presentation. Practice, practice, practice.

And I do practice I look in the mirror and
I practice you know moving my my eyebrows.

You know because I think the facial reaction
is really important too.

Some people say you should write out your presentation.
I do that sometimes, not all the time. But know it. Practice it.

Maybe the equipment will breakdown.
Well, that's why you should check the equipment.

Come early. Make sure everything's in working order.

Maybe I'm just not a good presenter.
Maybe some people have this fear.

Well get feedback from someone OK.
Ask... Make your presentation... Get feedback from them.

Become a better presenter and improve your skills.
I know it's common sense,

but really that's what it is. It's being prepared and
you will be able to control your nerves more.

So I hope I answered your question on
how to control your nerves before a presentation.

OK. So please ask me a question soon and
we'll see you. Thank you.