Question 10 ”Should I study with one trainer or many trainers?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第10弾は、
“Should I study with one trainer or many trainers?” です。










Hello and welcome to this Bizmates
question and answer video lesson.

And today's question is an interesting one.
It's should I study with one trainer or many trainers?

Hika, what do you recommend?
OK, well let me do my best to answer this one.

One trainer or many trainers? OK.

But before I do that, I want to ask you.
Do you have a favorite trainer?

Yeah, of course right, we all do.

Yeah, and many people say yeah,
Hika, I want to take lessons with my favorite trainer.

You know, we have our personalities match.
I can understand her English well.

She understands my needs.
Completely natural, totally understandable.

Of course we want to take lessons
with our favorite trainer.

However, just a little warning.
If you stick with just one trainer,

what happens is that your studies will be limited.

Because you are only listening to one trainer's accent.
You are only listening to one trainer's vocabulary.

You are only listening to one trainer's speed of speaking.
And when you go overseas,

and when you do business overseas
and speak to other people,

it becomes really difficult
if you're too used to one person.

OK and that's true.
So many people ask,

OK Hika, then how many is best?
Five, ten, three?

What do you recommend?
Another difficult question.

And this I think really depends on your level. OK.
So if you are still a beginner,

if you're still a new student,
if you're still not familiar with English,

and you have a lot of, you don't have confidence,
then maybe just one trainer is OK.

Or two trainer so three trainers but keep it limited.
It's fine.

Once you become a little bit more comfortable,
and you can understand the trainer quite easily,

and you want a bigger challenge,
try different trainers.

OK, go for a several range.

Once you get to that advanced level, there's no limit.
You take lessons from as many people as you can.

Or try to meet as many people as you can.
Listen to different accents. OK.

So by having many trainers, you'll be exposed.
You will be able to experience different accents for one.

And each trainer or each speaker
uses different words and phrases.

I always say OK and right. Yeah, so you'll be able to
listen to different words and phrases from different people.

And of course the speaking speeds are different
among trainers or speakers. OK.

Some people will speak really fast.
Some people will have a high pitch or a low pitch.

That's different too.

And this one, everyone has some kind
of experience to share. OK.

Whether it's their work experience
or their personal lives.

And it's interesting to listen to all these different
experiences from people.

So, my advice is if you are still a beginner,
let's stick with just a few trainers. OK.

And once you get more and more advanced, take on
the challenge because it gets much more difficult.

OK, experience with many trainers.
So that's my advice

And I hope I answered your question
about whether one trainer is the best

or several trainers is the best.
OK, thank you.