Question 3 ”語彙を増やすにはどうすれば?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第3弾は、
“How can I improve my vocabulary?” です。

「どうやってボキャブラリーを身につけるのがよいか?」 について Hika が動画で回答しています。


と Hika は言っています。

そして 「まずは身につけるべきボキャブラリーを選ぶことが重要」 ということなんですね。



Hika は、3つのステップで学習していくことをすすめています。
そしてその際、 「1つひとつの単語で覚えるのではなく、フレーズ全体として覚える」 のがポイントなんですね。


Hello and welcome to this
Bizmates question and answer video series.

OK. And today's question is one that I often get.
How can I improve my vocabulary?.

Everyone wants a better vocabulary.
So, what can you do?

OK simple question. Let's look at this.
But before we answer that,

we need to understand what vocabulary,
what vocabulary do I need? OK.

Because when I ask students, this is how they
often study. This is what they believe.

Memorizing a list of vocabulary words is an
effective way to improve vocabulary.

I don't know if they think it's effective, but many
people do that. They buy a vocabulary book. Right?

It has an English word. It has a Japanese, the Japanese definition.
And then it has a sample sentence.

Is this a good way? I don't think so.
I don't think so. OK.

Maybe if you're preparing for some kind of test like
the EIKEN or something, maybe it's OK.

But you're gonna forget these words after a few days
if you learn it like this. OK. Now.

To improve your vocabulary is important,
but you need to be selective. OK

Because there're over 170,000 words according to
The Oxford Dictionary Second Edition.

170,000 words but native speakers will only
use 3,000 or 4,000 words, OK, everyday life.

That's right. So, you've got to be selective
in what vocabulary you learn. OK.

And what's the best way?
Well there's a three-step process I'm going to recommend.

One is input. OK. You need to read read read,
listen to English. You need input.

On the Internet, Google. OK. You need to see English.
And you're gonna be looking at things you're interested in.

You're going to be reading about your business. OK.
So it'll be important words, the 3,000..4,000 words. OK.

And learn; you can't just read read read, but
read and if there're some words

not every word but some key words, look it up
in the dictionary, you know.

Try to keep a mental note of it.
Write it down if you need to.

But you need to learn and use these vocabulary words.

OK. Because many people just do input. They learn.
And they never use it and they forget it.

But if you use these 3 steps, you will remember.
OK, let me show you.

I took a sentence out of a newspaper. It says.

"There's there is indisputable evidence
that the Asian economy is recovering."

So imagine you're reading a news article
about the Asian economy.

And you see this sentence.
You see this word which you don ft know.

You look it up in the dictionary and you go oh OK.
So, it means without doubt, 100%.

So, there's 100% evidence that
the Asian economy is recovering. OK.

So now you learned a new word.
But you're going to forget it after 3 days. OK

You need to look at the entire phrase.
Don't look at the individual word. Look at the whole phrase.

There is indisputable evidence that and in your lesson
or next time in your job when speak in English, try to use it.

Oh you know "Hika there's indisputable evidence
that our competitor will release a new product."

Something like this. Use it and you know
your friend or your trainer will say Wow. Great.

You used a big word. So use it. Input, learn and use.

And if you follow these steps.
I guarantee you your vocabulary will improve. OK

So I hope I answered your question on
How you can improve your vocabulary?.

OK, so please ask me another question soon.
OK. Thank you.