Question 9 ”How do I stay motivated to study English?” 英語学習法

ビジネス英語の学習法やポイントについて聞く Q&A 第9弾は、”How do I stay motivated to study English?” です。


Hika は次のように言っています。

“Why learn English?” 「なぜ英語を勉強しているのか?」 です。

“I have to study English for my work.” 「仕事のために勉強しなければならないのです。」





Hika は動画の中で、3つのアクションについてすすめています。

Hello and welcome to this Bizmates question and answer
video series for Japanese businesspeople.

And today's questions is
How do I stay motivated to study English?

And I get this question a lot. Yeah.
It's, you know, not everyone likes to study English.

So it's hard to stay motivated.
What to do?

OK, well let's look at this.
One important question to answer is why learn English?

OK, everyone should have a reason, a clear reason.
But here's the answer that I usually get.

Ah, I have to study English for my work.
And I think this is an honest answer.

But to me it's not a good answer. OK.

Because something you have to do
is something you don't want to do.

You're doing it because someone is pressuring you to do it.
Either the situation, your job, your boss.

You have to do it.
And when this pressure disappears,

your need to study English disappears.
And you stop studying.

So I don't like to hear that
I have to study English for work. OK.

Because there's so many other reasons to study English.
Imagine the millions of people that you can meet. OK.

Your world just expands. You have all these different people
that you can communicate with around the world.

If you could speak English, imagine all the information that is
available in English on the Internet or in books, wherever.

Imagine all the forms of entertainment that
you can experience or enjoy like movies, music, traveling.

And all that becomes more enjoyable.
And also for your career.

Imagine the impact that you could have on your company.

So I think those are the real reasons I hope people study English.

So what do I need to do?
Well first is, like I said, imagine it.

Imagine yourself speaking English fluently.

Imagine yourself on a crowded train,
reading an English newspaper and people looking at you.

Going wow, well he could, he could read English.
His English must be good.

Or you know, you're with a foreign guest
and you are talking to them.

And all your colleagues are thinking wow,
I wish I could speak English like, you know, Taro.

You know, so imagine that, motivate yourself.
But you have to be realistic so you've got to plan it.

Have deadlines, you know. I'm not the most organized person,
so I don't you know have schedules.

And have deadlines, you know to study language.
But it's effective for many people.

So don't just imagine it, but actually plan it.
Yeah OK, I'm gonna do this by this date.

I'm gonna read this book by this date.
I'm gonna listen to this CD by this date. OK.

And don't just do it, but live it. OK.
And I often say make English a part of your life.

Yeah, you know don't just study it for the
purpose of studying. Live it, enjoy it. OK.

And have English a part of your life.

OK so I hope you can do these things to keep yourself
motivated to become a better English speaker.

OK, and I hope you enjoyed this question and answer video lesson.
OK, thank you.